Saturday, January 31, 2009

Work Day 7

Well, we were hoping to get the car good enough to take it to our test day tomorrow at MSR Cresson. We got most everything we needed done, however... the clutch is in fact done and needs to be replaced.

Items completed today:
  • Replaced relocated battery wiring with 4 gauge wire
  • Replaced connectors on alternator and checked charging circuit
  • Checked fuel pump, lines and wiring at the pump
  • Mounted "Wink" rear view mirror
  • Safety wired the rings for the hood/trunk pins
  • Re-installed dash gauges
  • Changed oil filter and oil
  • Flushed brake fluid and refilled
  • Bought and installed rear brake light
  • Replaced some of the clutch fluid and bled
Results from today:
  • Car started up first time! (Great considering all the work we did)
  • Brakes much better, but still bad. Front left wheel locks up very easilly. Once new rotors come in we will continue work on brake system.
  • Clutch is definitely slipping and needs to be replaced
  • Handling is pretty bad, but the rotted mismatched tires aren't helping that at all
A few pictures:

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