Saturday, January 17, 2009

Work Day 3

Long day, but pretty productive. Thanks to Nate and Thuy for going and picking up our cage donor car, and Paavo for borrowing and bringing the cutting torch. Also a big thanks to my friend Bob who helped with a lot of the cutting and even borrowed a cutting rig from work for us when we ran out of gas!

We cut apart the donor car and recovered plenty of donor cage material. We removed both doors from the Celica and were able to test fit a few pieces of the cage in the car and it seems like we can make it work pretty well.

We also removed the blower assembly and heater coil assembly from under the dash as well. I also flushed the cooling system as well (currently dry).

A few pictures are below, with more here.
Donor as it arrived

Donor after we finished with it

Test fitting cage pieces

More of the cage pieces

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