Saturday, February 21, 2009

Work Day 10

Brick was able to pickup the tires we ordered on Thursday, so we mounted the tires on Friday. These will definitely be a great improvement :)

I also picked up a new bearing and some other odds and ends we needed on Friday as well.

Saturday we started around 9am. We removed the bearings from the knuckle, but found we needed to press a part out of it in order to install the new bearing, etc. Took the entire knuckle off and ran it up to a local machine shop to have it done and the new bearing installed. One look at the hub, and a little measurement, and it was determined that it needed to be replaced as well. Seems it's a dealer only part (~$180) and we can't have it until Tuesday at the latest. After some phone calls, we found an import salvage yard that had the complete knuckle with bearings, hub, ball joint, etc for only $40! So Brick and I ran out and picked it up. 2 hours of the day shot. Once back, it bolted right up and worked way better then the old unit.

After installing the axles, we moved on to the brakes. Re-bled the brakes to make sure all was well... and installed the new rotors and pads. Moved on to refilling the trans fluid, re-installing the oil pan and oil fluid, etc, etc.

Nate & Paavo also worked on installing the hinge and latch for the sunroof, so that is finally taken care of as well!

After some hair raising issues on trying to start the car for the first time (and a few more hours), the car started up and ran well! We took it out for a test drive and the power, brakes and clutch are 1000% better then before! At this point, it was 10:30pm, so we decided to call it a night.

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