Saturday, May 9, 2009

Progress and Problems

Sorry again for not keeping up with the updates here!

We got the new seat and race harness mounted and installed, and finished up with some little items with the engine swap. Dropped the car to do it's first drive under load since the motor swap, and the car wouldn't move. Forgot about a little issue we had at the last race at the end of our racing. For some reason, the car wouldn't move very easilly going backwards... driving OR pushing.

Well, after some research Thursday night, we figured out the problem. As odd as it is, the driver side bearing/hub seems to have moved about 1/4" in on the knuckle. This was causing the rotor to drag (and wear badly) on the brake caliper bracket and part of the knuckle assembly.

Brick hit the salvage yard on Friday and picked up a driver side complete knuckle assembly (with bearing, hub, etc), a caliper bracket, and I ordered a new rotor. At today's work day we seemed to have all the parts needed to fix the problem.... or so we thought.

We swapped the new complete knuckle about an hour before the rotor was to arrive at the parts store. We tried putting the axle nut on, and quickly realized that the one we picked up (had to replace due to rounding off of the original one) was the wrong size! So.... I called the local dealer (before noon) and got a new one on order ($2.05), but it won't be here until Tuesday :(

So... things are looking good, but as always... things creep up and getcha sometimes.

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